Restore Kinection Retreats

Feb 2nd - 4th, 2018


Is run by Jarlath McHale an Outdoor activities Instructor, currently doing his Masters in Sports and exercise Psychology and His wife Margaret Fitzgibbon a Chartered Physiotherapist, Systematic Kinesiologist and Pilates Instructor.

The aim of the retreat is to reconnect with your own body, mind and the outdoors. By giving yourself a time out from your busy lives, and regular routines, we will create a space for you to focus on you. We will facilitate this through the use of Systematic Kinesiology individual sessions with a practitioner, to find out what is holding you back from living the life you have always wanted, whether it is health related physical/emotional/ chemical or energetic. Allowing yourself the time and care to create changes in your life.
Our motto is strive for progress not perfection.




Restore Kinection retreats focuses on providing a relaxed and restorative weekend for all participants.

  • We start off the retreat on a Friday at 6pm with a light healthy snack and orientation/goal setting session, followed by a Cosy meditation session before bed.
  • Saturday morning we start with a Zenga relaxed Pilates class at 8.15am, followed by a healthy breakfast at 9.30am.
  • From 10-1pm participants will have their one on one systematic Kinesiology session, of 1 hour duration to aid in facilitating wellness and key areas to address to create change and balance.
  • 1.30 healthy nutritious lunch to your dietary requirements.
  • 3.00 -4.30pm: Either Open Boating, Stand Up Paddling or a walk in nature.
  • 4.45pm optional restorative stretchinh session after busy afternoon.
  • 6pm: healthy dinner
  • 7.30pm: Onwards, connecting with other participants by fireside, going for night time walk, relax and refresh. Free time.


  • 8.15am Pilates/ gentle stretch.
  • 9.30am breakfast
  • 10.15 debrief/ forward planning
  • 12.00 check out.

Accommodation & Rates

Lough Lannagh Holiday Village and Rural Conference Centre will be the home away from home, you stay with use for your retreat. 

Accommodation will be in some of there 11 self catering cottages Sharing Twin rooms with another guest on the retreat.

Paul, Geraldine & Ronan with there team of staff will try look after your every need from the healthy food to fuel your day to the extra towel or spare hair dryer.

There saying in reception is they normal never say "no", They are "YES" people.





All Included in the price, Full Weekend Retreat Package, 2 nights Accommodation, All food & Activities.  


Please contact Jarlath 0871616363 OR