North-West Orienteering

North-West Orienteering is a new and exciting company based in the Sligo & Mayo region of Connacht. Their aim is bring the sport of orienteering to every school in both counties, both national & secondary as it is now part of the school curriculum. We aim to map every school(big &small; rural & urban) and provide the basic skills to both student and teachers to par-take in external competitions as well as inter school and inter county competitions. We would look to get 'you' the teachers involved as much as possible so you can use our blue-print on orienteering to teach their future students without having annual cost of external instruction.

Now Enrolling 

North West Orienteering Workshop are running workshops for schools in March. Two days dedicated to teaching the skills of orienteering in a fun safe environment by fully qualified, insured and vetted staff. Each day is to give schools the chance to experience the sport of orienteering from basic introduction to competing in a competition.
Booking essentiallimited spaces
Each school will be be walked through step by step the process of orienteering. Students will be taught the skills such as:

  • map reading,
  • map orientation,
  • feature recognition
  • Understanding Scale;
  • Understanding Legends;
  • Thumbing the Map;
  • country code .
  • decision making
  • Basic understanding of partakingand running of a Line Event
  • among other skills.............

All skills are taught in a fun interactive environment. At the end of the lesson your class will get to partake in a line event competitionaround Lough Lannagh to put their skills to the test.

How Does it work

Each school will take up to 3 hours to complete the workshop and will allocated a time slot to do so. This will also allow for any breaks that may be needed. Upon arrival at Lough Lannagh Village each school will do a meet & greet with instructors and safety brief, leave no trace, country code, toilets & assembly points.The class will then be allocated an instructor to take them through step by step orienteering.
Medical issues to be disclosed at this stage eg. Asthma, allergies, etc. of particular children. 

Skills taught
The skills taught during the workshop are the basic fundamentals of orienteering not only for students but also tips for teachers to take away to teach at their school.
The cost of this amazing day of fun, laughter and learning is an unbelievable €50 per class (approx €1.50 per child). Booking and deposit is essential for your chance to get your school ahead in the fanatic adventure sport.


For reservations or information:

Please Phone or Email all your inquiries into our office and we will get back too once we are off the water from our last adventure.