Orienteering is a land based activity suitable for all ages and abilities. It can be run as part of a birthday party, for school tours or for team building groups.

Each group will be walked through step by step the process of orienteering. Participants will be taught the following skills:

  • map reading,
  • map orientation,
  • feature recognition
  • Understanding Scale;
  • Understanding Legends;
  • Thumbing the Map;
  • country code .
  • decision making
  • among other skills.............

All skills are taught in a fun interactive environment. At the end of the session your group will get to partake in a full course competition around Lough Lannagh to put their skills to the test.




For reservations or information:

Please Phone or Email all your inquiries into our office and we will get back too once we are off the water from our last adventure.